How to Invest 


Please fill in the form below to notify us of your intent to invest in the Skye Crypto Arbitrage Fund. We will be distributing an ERC20 token to represent ownership in the fund at an initial rate of 1 SCP = 1 USD equivalent investment. As the Fund generates returns the price of SCP will increase accordingly. Please email for the latest exchange rate. We will be accepting investment in Bitcoin, Ether and Euro (with SEPA, please email). We will use the USD price of the cryptocurrency invested at the moment it is received to calculate the USD value, minimising the cryptocurrency price risk for investors. We'll need to know:

  • Your name
  • Your Email address (where we will send all future correspondence)
  • Your ERC20-capable Ethereum wallet address (where we will send your SCP tokens)
  • How much of which cryptocurrency you wish to invest
  • The address of the cryptocurrency account you're sending funds from (so we can verify your transaction)

An example of the investment process is given below:

  1. Charlie wants to invest in the Fund. He fills and submits the form below, indicating that he wishes to invest 2 Bitcoin, the Bitcoin address where he'll send his 2 Bitcoin from, and the address of his ERC20-capable Ethereum wallet. 
  2. Upon receipt of his form, we email Charlie to tell him the Bitcoin address to send his funds to. We will watch for his incoming BTC transfer from the Bitcoin address he specified. 
  3. Charlie sends the transfer. At the moment the transfer arrived, BTC was worth $9000 USD per coin. He sent 2 BTC, so we send 18000 SCA tokens to the ERC20-capable wallet he specified. 
  4. Charlie automatically receives regular Fund updates at the email he provided describing the current Intrinsic Value of the the SCA token, and Fund profits (see Reporting for full details). 
Name *
This is where we will send your SCP tokens upon receipt of your cryptocurrency.
Which cryptocurrency would you like to use to invest in the Fund?
How many of that cryptocurrency would you like to invest? (Minimum Investment: $1000 USD equivalent)
We will watch for funds sent from this address. When we see that funds have been sent from this address, we will email to confirm the investment and send your SCP tokens to your ERC20-capable Ethereum wallet.
By clicking Submit, you agree that you have read and understood both the Skye Crypto White Paper and the Skye Crypto Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Further, you agree that the information provided above is accurate, and that you are in sole possession of the private keys to your ERC20-capable Ethereum Wallet and the cryptocurrency wallet from which your investment is sent.